Eco Pool Builders in Brisbane

Another one of the pool builders in Brisbane  that we are considering because of their eco-styles. It may not suit our place but we think its worth a look.  Ecozen Pools offer a unique range of designs that are more natural than the classic shapes we have been considering thus far.

Ecozen Pools

As an aside its funny how a name influences your thinking. Just the  prefix ‘eco’ makes us feel more responsible putting in the energy using pool lol

Well we will find out if it just the designs or also the mechanics which are ‘eco’ when we meet with them in the next week or so. Hopefully our solar contacts  will help us offset that energy cost and impact too.

Looking for a New Dentist in Brisbane

We recently stopped going ot a dentist who was offering no gap on our private health care. They were great but the travel was a little too much to make it convenient for after school etc

We looked around the north Brisbane suburbs and found Sure Dental through some searching. They had a glossy looking website and surgery so we are about to give them a go. One thing we like is the range of seemingly advanced services which could be great as our kids move into teenage years.

So we are a off to check them out at Wavell Heights – Sure Dental.

Fitness … Could it be a career for me?

I like to keep active and love some sport … but could I be a personal trainer or gym instructor?

Whenever I am down at the beautiful waterfront walking or playing with the kids, I see these super fit types with a few slower bodies following along and they just seem to have the best job ever!  I never really thought about it but maybe I could do that? As an outsider I think that the key would be medium fitness and excellent people skills because the real battle is keeping clients and motivating them to push themselves.

Anyway, a quick Google and it seems a Certificate III or IV in Fitness would be the qualification I would need and I would prefer online so I will check out the Academy of Fitness I think. See what they have to offer …

Maybe my perfect job is within reach … maybe I will be terrible at it haha