Car Servicing on Northside Brisbane

I wouldn’t describe us as fanatical car people but we do have two cars and was there not that expensive they cost enough for us to want to look after them. At least get the scheduled servicing done by someone who knows what they’re doing and who we can trust.

We tried a lot of people in the area and we always come back to Sandgate auto electrics and air-conditioning primarily because we can speak to them in plain English and we get good friendly service. I know it’s probably not the best criteria but as a user it really helps to have someone who can ask questions of and feel like you are giving straight answers.

We also love that they driver us home and pick usĀ up to collect the car if we need it. That really helps when you have kids and don’t want to have to strap them all in just to go and collect the car.

Price wise, it’s always difficult to compare apples with apples because every service is different and parts vary. Overall we feel like we are treated fairly with the cost and its comparative to other providers.

So check out this Sandgate mechanic as a really offer a full and friendly service for your local vehicle.