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Architects in Brisbane

I have to admit to being a little confused about the role of an architect as opposed to a building designer or a draftsman etc.

But when you want someone who is a complete professional in designing buildings and spaces and can see the job through with a quality builder, you are thinking about an architect.

An architect is a person who plans, designs, and oversees the construction of buildings.

Recently I went asking around and I got a few good recommendations for a business that is expanding and adding a dedicated team of architects … .Jamin Architecture. You can check out these Brisbane architects here

Our design starts with your desires. Our approach is driven by the best outcomes for our clients.

We’re big on pleasant surprises and left-field ideas.

We work efficiently so we can take your budget seriously, without sacrificing quality and innovation.

And we’re great to work with. (At least, we think so.)

Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or retail project, the starting point for a great outcome is a fantastic relationship with our client. We listen when you talk, and we create unexpected solutions for your spaces.

Someone to Help Learning Problems in Brisbane

Specific Learning Disorder is the term used in the psychiatry manual (DSM-5) to describe learning difficulties in a variety of skills that children are expected to learn at school (some previously called this Dyslexia). Learning difficulties can occur in all aspects of reading, mathematics, spelling and written expression.

It is important that before a child enters school that language difficulties are identified and treated by a Speech & Language Therapist. Language skills are the building blocks upon which all literacy skills are built. This includes reading, spelling and written expression. Language problems can be identified in children at three years but sometimes earlier.

Learning disorders or disabilities are not related to intelligence. However it is important to determine your child’s intelligence to know if your child is achieving to his/her ability level. It is apparent that more boys than girls have learning difficulties and sometimes there is a family history of learning difficulties. Sometimes adverse events in a young child’s life can cause temporary developmental delays.

Children now commence reading skills in their Preparatory Year making early identification of learning difficulties even more important. Talking to class teachers can give you some idea about how your child is progressing.

Margaret McDonald started her career as a teacher, and moved into Educational Psychology and then Clinical Psychology. With these qualifications, she is uniquely equipped to diagnose and assist children with learning disabilities. If you think your child may be struggling in their learning an assessment with Margaret will either put your mind at ease, or put you in a position to start interventions as soon as possible.

Please phone our office on 3862 8833 or contact Brisbane child Psychologist Margaret McDonald today for an appointment.

Interior Design and Architecture add to Thriving Business

Having been through a renovation in the last 12 months I have a new appreciation for the little things that make the process and the final result so much better.

A building designer was some of the smartest money we spent and whether that is a fully fledged architect or a talented designer, the ideas and experience they bring to the design can pay for itself many times over.

Jamin Design Group are leaders in Brisbane and SE QLD council areas and now they have added interior design and an amazing architect to the team.

We are proud to announce the launch of Jamin Architecture, with Matthew Smith at the helm of this exciting new practice. Matthew has 15 years of experience working on all scales of architectural projects, from residential schemes to large-scale commercial designs.

Check out the team now at Jamin Design Group if you are looking for interior design or building design Brisbane.


Car Servicing on Northside Brisbane

I wouldn’t describe us as fanatical car people but we do have two cars and was there not that expensive they cost enough for us to want to look after them. At least get the scheduled servicing done by someone who knows what they’re doing and who we can trust.

We tried a lot of people in the area and we always come back to Sandgate auto electrics and air-conditioning primarily because we can speak to them in plain English and we get good friendly service. I know it’s probably not the best criteria but as a user it really helps to have someone who can ask questions of and feel like you are giving straight answers.

We also love that they driver us home and pick us up to collect the car if we need it. That really helps when you have kids and don’t want to have to strap them all in just to go and collect the car.

Price wise, it’s always difficult to compare apples with apples because every service is different and parts vary. Overall we feel like we are treated fairly with the cost and its comparative to other providers.

So check out this Sandgate mechanic as a really offer a full and friendly service for your local vehicle.

Caravan Repairs In Brisbane

Does anyone know a great place to get my caravan repaired in Brisbane?

We need to replace a few windows, fix some cupboards, add some LED lights and maybe look at the annex. At first I thought about looking in the yellow pages but I have no idea who is good so if you do have an experience I would love to hear.

We live on the northside of Brisbane so we googled and found these guys – Allbrand Caravan Repairs Brisbane … anyone tried them for anything?

If you could let us know that would be great. They do have a nice list of camping spots on their site haha


Beach Shade for Summer Days

I have to admit to being more than a little skeptical about the fancy beach tents I have seen last summer at Noosa. I tested out one of the new beach shades from Salty Beach Life (and a great matching floor and bag) and I found it awesome!

Elegant, sophisticated and oh so clever – the Sombrilla sun shade from Hollie & Harrie is made from 100% cotton with superior sun protection ( 95% UV protection tested by ARPANSA) so breathe & relax while enjoying the sun safely.

This super smart collection by Hollie & Harrie provides effective beach shade and sun protection for you and your family. Enjoy your Sombrilla at the beach, use them as a cubby in the backyard, take them camping or on a picnic.

This year’s have sold out but new stock are rumoured to be almost in. I’ll keep you posted!

Local Brisbane Building and Trade Network – Great Idea!

We recently stumbled upon a great idea which is catching on quickly and growing so we thought we would share it with you. Local businesses in the same industry are working together to spend their money more wisely and build a small trusted network.  The Build in Brisbane network are in their 4th month of operation and already it is reaping benefits.

The Build in Brisbane network is a group of QLD businesses who have actively worked together in one way or another for several years. Each member has been personally invited by other businesses that they regularly deal with. Only trusted and professional businesses are involved however we are simply a connected group of businesses rather than an organisation of any kind. We aim to provide a one stop shop so that you can simply connect with whoever you need next in the process of Building in Brisbane.

Check them out attheir website or connect on facebook –

Eco Pool Builders in Brisbane

Another one of the pool builders in Brisbane  that we are considering because of their eco-styles. It may not suit our place but we think its worth a look.  Ecozen Pools offer a unique range of designs that are more natural than the classic shapes we have been considering thus far.

Ecozen Pools

As an aside its funny how a name influences your thinking. Just the  prefix ‘eco’ makes us feel more responsible putting in the energy using pool lol

Well we will find out if it just the designs or also the mechanics which are ‘eco’ when we meet with them in the next week or so. Hopefully our solar contacts  will help us offset that energy cost and impact too.

Looking for a New Dentist in Brisbane

We recently stopped going ot a dentist who was offering no gap on our private health care. They were great but the travel was a little too much to make it convenient for after school etc

We looked around the north Brisbane suburbs and found Sure Dental through some searching. They had a glossy looking website and surgery so we are about to give them a go. One thing we like is the range of seemingly advanced services which could be great as our kids move into teenage years.

So we are a off to check them out at Wavell Heights – Sure Dental.

Fitness … Could it be a career for me?

I like to keep active and love some sport … but could I be a personal trainer or gym instructor?

Whenever I am down at the beautiful waterfront walking or playing with the kids, I see these super fit types with a few slower bodies following along and they just seem to have the best job ever!  I never really thought about it but maybe I could do that? As an outsider I think that the key would be medium fitness and excellent people skills because the real battle is keeping clients and motivating them to push themselves.

Anyway, a quick Google and it seems a Certificate III or IV in Fitness would be the qualification I would need and I would prefer online so I will check out the Academy of Fitness I think. See what they have to offer …

Maybe my perfect job is within reach … maybe I will be terrible at it haha